Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First Annual Geeklectic EGOT Pool-a-Rama!

Do you want to win an EGOT but can't sing, act or dance? If your answer was yes then I am here to help make your delusional dreams come true!

The First Annual Geeklectic EGOT Pool-a-rama is set to kick off on June 8th, 2014. For several years now I've been doing Oscar and Tony prediction games with some close friends and have always wanted to expand it to the Grammys and Emmys as well. 

Here is the FAQ and rules for the inaugural Geeklectic EGOT Pool-a-Rama.

What in the bloody hell is an EGOT? 
EGOT is the term to describe the 4 major entertainment awards ceremonies. Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, Tonys. It's considered very illustrious for a performer to win an EGOT. Currently only 12 people have earned the title. The most recent to win the award is composer Robert Lopez who won just this last year and is the only person to do it all in a single decade. The last performer to win the award was Whoopi Goldberg.

The Geeklectic EGOT Pool-a-rama will start every year at the moment the Tony Awards broadcast starts in June. In 2014 that is on June 8th. 

A ballot will be sent out to all of the Pool-a-rama participants beforehand where they will predict the winners of all of the categories. Detailed instructions will be sent out with that ballot on how to fill it out properly. The same thing will happen before the Oscars, Grammys and Emmy awards as well. 

There will be plenty of email updates and updates on Geeklectic.com throughout the year as I'll try to make it a fun event that you guys will want to do for years to come.

How do I play?
The objective is simple. Correctly guess the most winners in each category for each of the 4 major awards shows.  No sweat, right?

How much does it cost?
The entry fee to play for the entire year is $20 per person.

What do I win?
There will be 5 separate payouts over the course of the year. Your entry fee will be paid out as such:

Tony Awards Individual Winner: $2.50 from each $20
Emmy Awards Individual Winner: $2.50 from each $20
Grammy Awards Individual Winner: $2.50 from each $20
Oscar Awards Individual Winner: $2.50 from each $20
The cumulative winner of all 4 games scores combined: $10 from each $20.

The winner may also receive a Geeklectic EGOT Pool-a-rama trophy, but the details of that are still being worked out.

Scoring in this first season will be simple. You will receive 1 point for every correct prediction in the pool. The person with the most points for each individual show will win that show's pot. The person with the most cumulative points from all 4 shows will win the big pot. There will be a couple of small twists included like likes the LOCK and HEDGE.

What is this LOCK and HEDGE that you speak of?
You will be able to designate one winner in each Awards show as a LOCK. A lock is something you feel 100% about. So much so that you are making a wager. For example, if you designate "Hedwig and the Angry" Inch as a LOCK to win the Best Revival of a Musical category and you are correct, you will win 3 points. However, if "Hedwig" doesn't win the award for Best Musical Revival then you actually lose 3 points. It can make or break your night so choose wisely!

You will also be able to designate one prediction in each Awards show as a HEDGE. A HEDGE is a category where you aren't as confident about who is going to win. For example, if you designate "Act One" as your winner in the Best Play category and you aren't completely sure, you could also designate "All the Way" as your HEDGE. If Act One wins, you get your full point. If it loses however and All the Way wins instead, you'll get half a point. If you've played in a pool before you know that half a point could win the whole thing for you.

HEDGES and LOCKS may seem complicated at first, but can really add a new element of fun to a game like this.

When is payment due?
Payment is due ASAP. I would need the $20 no later than June 7th to secure your spot in the first Geeklectic EGOT Pool-a-rama. I'll accept paypal or personal check and the money will sit in a safe account until pay outs are made.

I've been in a baseball prediction game like this for several years and have a blast with it and I think this could be a ton of fun as well.

Here is the ballot and the sample ballot.   Just fill it out and send it too me no later than midnight on June 7th to be entered in the Tony Award game.    Payment instructions will be coming up shortly.

If you're interested to just respond here and privately send me the email you'd like to participate under. If you have friends that you think would be a fun addition to the game please feel free to invite them. The more the merrier and the more people the more cash to win!

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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