Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Geeklectic: Episode 1- King Asshatery

So, this isn't Stephen, this is Clay, you may not know me, but I'm a "friend of the blog" as our old friend Liir might say.

Stephen and I are really good friends who occasionally like to host podcasts, we used to host Sunset & 42nd and though the time was right to try agains, so:

We are officially debuting the Geeklectic podcast.

The idea is just that we are two geeky guys who like to talk about geeky topics that interest us. It is fun, snarky, irreverent, and touches on just about everything. Generally we will be doing this in "5 by 5"s (5 topics for 5 minutes each.)

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In Episode 1- King Asshatery we took on:
1. Star Wars being bought by Disney
2. Lena Dunham's Girls
3. Why has Stephen never watched Community?
4. Why has Clay never watched The Big Bang Theory?
5. What are we looking forward to?
We would LOVE your feedback! by email at
smartpenguin78@yahoo.com or on
Stephen @geeklectic or Clay @smartpenguin78
and follow "friend of the podcast" Will Wheaton @wilw

We are about to start production on Episode 2: the Epic Assholery of Comic Con so subscribe no and get ready to get even more angry, snarky, geeky, action. Everyone is going to need a stiff one!

This blog is gone!

- smartpenguin78